Making Inner

*कजरवा ऐसो लैय्यो री जामे सैयां रीझै*

अरे मन की महावर  चित्त चुनरिया,
सुरति श्रृंगार बनइयो री ।  जामें (१)

अरे प्रीत की पायल ज्ञान के घुंघरू,रचि रचि रूप बनइयो। कोई रचि रचि रूप –
पुण्य लगन की भरी रे गगरिया
  लेके पति घर जइयो री।  जामें (२)

हो कर्म के कंगन दान  के कुंडल,त्याग को तिलक लगइयो-अरे त्याग को लगइयो-
सेवा सखी ध्यान को धुन  ले
चुन चुन सेज सजइयो री ।जामें (3)

तोहि मिलिहै जब प्रीतम प्यारे,लेके सर्ग  चढ़ जइयो । तुम लेके सर्ग
मार्ग मर्म जबहि हस पूछै
हँस सद्गुरु नाम बतइयो री।  जामें(४)

Mis it or mass it.

Life has immense of potential to keeps one happy as we stand with meaning of Human beings.

A human have ability to change the status of life form inner to outer. Outer to inner is just misshaping. A Lion could be more deadliest more bold but never can grow his intellectual to evolve and contribute the Nature, invent or to seek and reach the other dimension of life . He has set life by nature itself. Human have life of discovering life after death . Immortality is not a concept to believe only but it’s been access by many great people . Seeker could reach and access the subtle life partially or fully. Knowing God is nothing but knowing never die life of you … Know this and believe this …….Just don’t only believe this , knowing is only the way to way of God’s world.

Discover Happiness.

I straight say,  Rise from nothing to ultimate even if you dead , Get out of Grave –A sexy lady — Heap of wealth and  happy Home in paradise just waiting for you .
  Even, I talk about people who almost lost everything in life and no further interest left  to live . Just push everything to grave–  I will take you to other dimension of  life,where World is a friend, if you gutted to roll over  few of past associated events and stories.

  Human mind took millions of year to reach this stage  of making world a beautiful place—Be happy, You  are witnessing  the most updated world. No Hero, Nor king, of world history have enjoyed so much  life of comfort , convenience and  freedom before you.
Here, I put you on daily exercise to have complete life and a life that only belongs to you .My  effort to deliver you the way I struck to it, after a long battle fought at my personal life. My utmost purpose to make everyone come out of dark and shadows of past that’s follows even ,then  you reluctant—– It is only possible when you get over to given exercise . Its entirely practical, no theory please— Get ready to take a life sift ,that leads you to success , ultimate, pleasure and  peace.

‘Let’s talk on happiness a bit to understand the original platform which suspends all non- returning  worries.’

  Happiness can not be achieved, it could be only discover by one who perused for. The joy that push a bit of  happiness on achevment, goes down and vanish at point of time—–It’s  short lived —–Your mind again wait for such events to happen in your life that’s pours  certain amount of happiness.——In sense of truth your life is moving with & without achievement too but it’s sense of happiness is more significant that  you want all time.  Everytime there is an effort to become more happier then ever—-  and  this proces of our         emotion ,thoughts ,keep going endlessly.
   Happiness is a permanent state once you discover. It wouldn’t happen nor would fade ever because of something else or anything else– Infact anything that, pass through sate of happiness never retains–May it be worst to worst or best to best—-wouldn’t be a matter at all what comes?
   Happiness is an inner states of nothingness than the happiness itself  — Nothing with  smiling face  or louder laugh– A smiling face create good image and  that goes down once you saddened—- So don’t give people an opportunity to judge you as a double personality.
  Similar with laughing face too. It change  shape in both of condition, even you  cry  or laugh — Changing shape stands to describe your inner level. It must be the way you want it to be —-not the way situations , people, or circumstances remote them—-Making inner platform of  happiness  and concertizing it once for lifetime——There must me nothing and absolutely nothing that impact and effect over to you– Take a total controll over to you–  So discovering  happiness is the utmost goal of being Human—- Happy human only creates wonder  rest are blunder.

                          Your treat men start Now

Just close your eyes naturally don’t meditate and sit  comfortably on chair or in a place that sounds convenient  for you. Don’t prejudge anything, nothing is going to be terrible or nothing gonna loss you in few minutes– This is for you and  you only can do it–  So do now .. just call inner Happiness.Push little to realise happiness .May it be be difficult but no worry . keep pushing . you are coming out shortly over to it.May it be  darkness , some fearing  vibration. No matter–shake out  everything and reach for happiness–Ok Ok – still not reached open eyes , get up ,take a small round , come back , sit  and realise happiness with open eyes and close again. and get on further action.

Now you struck to state of happiness and make sure that, you’r  happy —and+++ being more happy , no concentration ,meditation ,it’s only you who is travelling towards happiness. your not only  becoming  happy, but also going to see, to touch, to play and to live with that for a life together —- Ensure your respiration is working well’– keep easy  breathing  ,don’t pull ,just inhale naturally —-nor push just exhale naturally.

Ha, Ha, Ha, What is appearing and encountering to you.Just check them– Ok –No no– don’t check them — just  say bbye and keep moving————– You will experience  now  many things that could be reel of memories stored from long back till now—-May it be  Head heating memory ,Impulsive thoughts ,or some hattered Terrifying Images — Ghost or God———   anything that may distorts  your perspective—Few are mentioned here .
  ! Fear, Worries,   stress,depression,financial issu, love life, debt , career,  Hate and jealousy ,complex , Ghost, God , family , children , wife, neighbours, collogues , wish not completed , girl friends , job dont pay enough ,
  fascination , religious beliefs system, seekers, spirituality etc———–  Friends , I say what ever it is, let the blady things go to operation theater where you are going to treat  everything well with happiness. Ok Ok

May it be any one or in lot, ,that you may have store  memories in your body emotion energies and mind—- What ever Good or bad you stored will appear—do not get back just face them—- they all are dying once they impact with happiness——Do not fear only cheer—you will surprise that things those were sounding very real have no reality now—–

            “Let’s gets over to Treatment  formula”

1- Everything’s ÷Inner Happiness = light  , remainder  happiness . left only happiness.
2-  Anything you want × Receive with happiness = things Happenes.
3-.  Anything you dont want – release with happiness= Happiness.

There are  three formula that’s work but can’t apply all 3 at a time or in one period . if you do so. won’t be successful.– produce half result and you know half result always as no results . Please have  patience. Begin with right approach , first practice will make you thoughtless for day atleast—— and that would  enhance more knowings and  enrgey to life.

           ” I Treat you with happiness ”  Exercise .1
Fear– – move your tongue and utter –I treat you with happiness .
Anger—Give it smile and utter — I treat you with happiness.
Horrible Images – utter with happiness . I treat you with Happiness.
thought – Smile and utter – I treat you  with happiness.
Dark–.      Control and uttar . I treat you with happiness Wealth .– simply utter,  I treat you with happiness.
God —–     Normally utter I treat you with Happiness
Own Appearance—Peacefully utter I treat you with happiness ..
  What ever comes to you in form of  image , thoughts, Emotions, Feelings , Sounds , Light, or dark,  Your Maximum job to move your tongue and outer ——- I treat you with Happiness.
    Practices it only for 10 to  15 minutes or as long as  convent for you to do— Make sure everything time your treating with happiness—–keep practice for 21 days—       don’t fix your practice time,  do it in a day or night ,when ever you feel to do or want to connect with inner happiness.
Note- You will be appearing too at last. Treat your self with happiness .
   Every time you have to utter ,move your tongue  and keep saying ” ok — I treat you with happiness
  Before you see some thought, images , fear etc appears Make sure that you are in complete state of happiness realisation  within you.
  If Happiness state become unstable,strive a bit and say your self  ” I am happy .
Treating body pain , headache , etc . Go to area, figure it out and say ” I treat this pain with happiness and be happy.
  When you open your eyes ringe you fore  head and  open eyes with happiness. Try to see the world as it is , things as it is ,  don’t judge , don’t calculate , don’t think and express as long you can memorise Happiness within-

               “I receive you with Happiness exercise 2

Make sure you practice  treatment exercise enough  and got knowledged with sense of Happiness
  See! its universal  arrangements been  set up  in such way that nothing goes out  permanently, its comes back what you release— So when you are angry  the anger goes and comes back to you in manifolds with higher intensity , same thing applied fire happiness too.So whatever you released are  received back ..But in above exercise you did not release any thing nor you received  anything,  but you treated good or bad ,devil and deties , fear and courage , worries and solution, love and hate with happiness and  everything been treated well with happiness.    You are just Happy,!  that’s it.
     Before  you get over to this exercise , make sure you are pretty precise with , what you want?
   Now close eyes  sit and be happy . ask visual operators  to bring and  utter I receive you with happiness..
Everything you recieved  Keep  it on platform of happiness . keep receiving . once received well —- Now   conceive it,  and get into action  smoothly.
You can demand one by one or one time one that’s bring everything’s to your life.
   ” It’s crushed and fruitless for illdoers to society and Human beings”

             ” I release You with happiness” Exercise 3

Same process only extra care to be taken that what you releasing have no sense for so you let this go with happiness and you can release single or in lot . releasing  of unwanted  have no limitation.
  Thank you for reading . please be happy May God bless you . Brij